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Westcott Venture Park

There’s nowhere quite like Westcott

Welcome to the best kept secret in the South East. With a vibrant history, well-connected location and an impressive reputation for innovation - Westcott is a secret it pays to be part of.

Vision: To be recognised by innovators worldwide as a UK centre of excellence for global technology. At Westcott we provide ‘Space and security for sustainable growth’. 

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Building a vibrant community

A big part of the Westcott message is collaboration, with 88 companies based at the Park many doing business with each other. We are committed to building a positive, collaborative eco system which will attract like-minded companies and individuals to develop their ideas.

Investing in the future

We take a measured, long-term view in the development of the Park and there has been considerable investment into roads, security, infrastructure and landscaping to create development plots suitable for a wide range of occupiers. This significant investment shows that Westcott brings that long-term view in order to achieve sustainable growth. Click here to find out more Our Vision | Westcott Park - Westcott Venture Park (

Still blasting off, over 70 years on

Westcott is a name that stands for rocketry propulsion engineering, both for missiles, launchers and satellites. Our proud heritage continues to grow as a development and testing zone for some of the world’s most exciting aerospace and propulsion technology pioneers. click on the link below to find out more about Westcott Venture park Histroy.

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