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Westcott Archers

Did you know Westcott had an archery club?

Read on to find out more.

Westcott archers are an archery club based in Westcott. Archery is a fantastic sport that everyone can take part in. Westcott archery club offer target archery, (the only form of archery permitted in the Olympic games) field archery and indoor 3D shooting. 

Field shooting takes place on a range which have different number of targets on them placed at different distances. Recently 3D shooting has become more popular and they now have some 3D foam life size animals to shoot at.

There is also an indoor shooting site - ensuring everyone keeps warm during the winter months.

Events are held over the summer such as Summer Target Days.

For more information contact them at Westcott Archers, Westcott (Buckinghamshire) 2023 (