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Remote Learning

Remote Learning is provided on the rare occasions when:

  • School closures or restrictions on attendance, where school access for pupils is restricted
  • Individual cases where a pupil is unable to attend school but is able to learn

Support for Remote Learning

In line with our Remote Learning Policy, teachers will provide class-specific Remote Learning on the second full day of either school site closure or when a child cannot attend school but is well enough to continue with their learning and whose absence is authorised.

For the first full day of Remote Learning, this page provides a range of learning opportunities for children to continue their learning. It includes a a catalogue of ideas, advice and inspiration and a document with websites that contain a wealth of learning for across the curriculum.


Daily reading has always been the key to unlocking children's imagination, encouraging curiosity of the world and developing vocabulary as well as giving an opportunity for shared experiences and deep discussion of themes and issues. There are many more ways to read than just picking up a book. Non-fiction reading can include magazines, comics, information books on Science, History or the natural world, to name a few.

Away from traditional reading materials, we can also enjoy stories through audiobooks, YouTube storytelling and internet websites on a huge range of topics. Instructions are also really great sources for giving children a sense of purpose in their reading - perhaps follow a recipe or a method for building a model? Remind children that reading is everywhere for many purposes and can be enjoyed in different ways.


3P Learning ahas lots of ideas to inspire children's writing and ignite ideas.

3P Learning Writing Prompts


MathsZone has lots of games and quizzes.


Physical Education and Exercise

It is really important that children get the exercise they need both for their physical and mental well-being. Below are a list of websites with activities the children can do inside or in a garden if available.

Cosmic Yoga has lots of sessions for all ages and you can get a two-week free trial or find some of the sessions on YouTube for free.

Cosmic Yoga

The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, has some Kids Workout videos on YouTube:. 

Joe Wicks

Topic Subjects

BBC Bitesize has information and activities for all aspects of the National Curriculum

BBC Bitesize