Fundraising Focuses

Previous Focus – New Classroom Fund

All the money raised by the PFA during 2012 and 2013 went towards funding the exciting school expansion. From September 2015 Westcott CE School has had classes ranging from Nursery up to Year 6.

After a successful formal consultation process in Spring 2012 the provision at Westcott CE School has been increased to include Key Stage 2 children, and to convert from a Voluntary Controlled School to a Voluntary Aided School.

Before the school had approval to expand, schoolchildren had to leave after Key Stage 1 (age 7) and apply for places in other local schools.  Available Key Stage 2 places in those schools were becoming fewer year by year.  Transfer at the end of KS1 also placed many burdens on children and their families: established friendship groups were broken; children were separated from their peers and placed into larger schools, often knowing no other children in their year group and families found themselves with the difficult task of transporting children to different schools. We are very pleased to announce that this transition to a larger school has been a fantastic positive change and we are grateful to everyone who has been able to support.

And for the future…

With the successful expansion of the school, we are now looking for other ways to improve the environment and resources for the children. We are focusing on the outside areas as children require a fantastic area to learn and grow. We are looking to improve the rear playground, and develop and grow the front pond area with a view to create a willow walk. If you are able to provide resources or manpower to assist, we would love to hear from you!

And as well as the outside areas, technology is our focus. The school is in desperate need of fully functioning laptops to support the children’s learning. If you work for a company who might donate laptops, or are able to sponsor a laptop, please do get in touch to