Helping Your Child

Homework Evening

Thank you for all of your questionnaires with regards to the homework evening. Your responses helped formed the main part of a PowerPoint presentation.

The evening seemed to be a great success with those who were able to attend. If you were unable to attend and have some questions that you are unsure of please feel free to contact Mr Grace and he will happily answer any questions that you may have.

As a follow up activity the parents at the evening asked for another evening to be organised where the school explains to the parents how we teach numeracy to the children. Many of the techniques that the children learn at school may be new to parents. Mr Grace will run a session in the Summer Term modelling some of the techniques used in order to help parents gain an insight into how their child learns. More details to follow. If there are any other areas that as parents you feel the school could be informing you more on please let me know and I will do my upmost to ensure your needs are met.


The children follow the Read, Write Inc. synthetic phonics programme at school.  To help introduce the way in which we teach phonics to children and evening was held back in 2012.  Details can be found on this presentation: Welcum too ower fonix and reeding eavning for

Home/school links

The education of the pupils in this school is considered to be a three-way partnership between parents, pupils and teachers. At Westcott we firmly believe that children learn best when the home and school are equally committed to supporting the child’s development. To support this philosophy regular opportunities both formal and informal are provided for the pupil’s progress, attainment and achievement to be reviewed.  A structured system of homework directly linked to classroom studies is also in place.

Parents Consultation

Parents Consultations are held twice a year. They give parents and teachers the opportunity to meet and discuss the progress of the child. During the Autumn term meeting we share information about how we teach and give advice about how to support children and the work we do in school.

An annual written report by the class teacher is sent to parents towards the end of the school year. There is an opportunity to discuss the report if the parent/s wish. All records about children are available for their parents to see. Parents who wish to view their children’s records are asked to make an appointment first.

Access to Information

The school keeps a collection of all Department of Education Statutory Orders, Circulars and Curriculum Guidance. There are also copies of the National Curriculum. Each of these is available on loan to interested parents. Copies of the minutes of Governors’ meetings are kept and are open to parents. A copy of the most recent minutes is displayed on a notice board.


In the first instance, parents are asked to approach the Headteacher. If the matter cannot be resolved the Governing Body should be approached. Parents also have the right to use the formal County complaints procedure, details of which are available from the school. This may be used where concerns cannot be resolved informally.