Westcott CE School has a strong Christian ethos and relationship with the local church with the local vicar holding regular assemblies in the church as well as sharing times of celebrations with the parents and wider members of the community. The school is keen to build on these relationships to identify other opportunities to develop and establish links with the wider community.  These include joint ventures with pre-school groups, coffee mornings, and the shared use of the school/church facilities.

Paying tribute at the Westcott memorial

The school has established contacts with the Westcott Venture Park, The children were invited to the unveiling of the War Memorial and have since visited the site to lay a wreath after the school Remembrance service.  Some of the companies have offered time and resources to help the school grow.

Sack race at the Westcott Cricket clubThe school has also made good links with the Westcott Cricket Club and utilise the field space for outdoor learning for PE with the children in Key Stage 2.  We are very fortunate to have such wonderful hosts who are willing to help bring the different parts of the community together.

Waddesdon Church of England School kindly support us with providing the children with an opportunity to work with a specialist art teacher on drawings, paintings and sculptures.

The school are fortunate to be able to make links with and continue to develop the relationships with the church and other organisations within the community.

As a school we also have a strong link with The Waddesdon & Whitchurch Children’s Centre.