The School Day

The school opens at 8.45am Monday to Friday. Registration is at 9.00am and then the morning session begins.  It ends at 12 noon for the lunch break, and Nursery children are usually collected.

Children bring packed lunches which they eat in the hall or outside in nice weather. Children may go home for lunch if parents prefer which can be requested in writing.

Towards the end of the Summer Term, children in the Nursery are encouraged to stay for an additional half hour and have their packed lunch. In addition for the last couple of weeks of the term Nursery children are encouraged to stay for the full lunch hour where they will be able to play with the children on the playground. Parents are asked to let the office know if they do not wish their child to stay for lunch so that arrangements can be made to have them ready to be collected at 12:00pm. We hope that this small gesture will help the children adjust to the longer days in September.

The afternoon session begins at 1.00pm and ends at 3.15pm. If an after school club is running, this will finish at 4.15pm.  We ask that all children are collected promptly and that parents wait on school grounds for their child to be dismissed at the end of their school day.   Children not collected on time will be taken to the school office to be collected from there.  We ask that parents, wherever possible, inform the school if they expect their child will not be collected on time.