In the Foundation Stage we follow the guidance for the new Early Years curriculum with a strong emphasis on learning through exploration. There is more information about this in the Early Years Foundation Stage for Parents document

To give an example of the type of things learnt in Reception, they may be learning about holidays. They will initially be learning about the seaside – regarding their own experiences, the history surrounding the seaside and its geographical features. Parents would be asked to prepare their child by discussing what the seaside is and any experience their child has of visiting a seaside. The children may like to bring in some photos or items that they would like to share with the class.

Reception children would also learn about caravan holidays. We may be lucky enough to explore a real caravan before building our own. If a child has real life experience of this, or there is a caravan parked near their house, Parents would be asked to point this out to your child.

Once Reception children have holidayed in Britain, they would jet off to some more exotic destinations. This will allow the children to explore a range of other cultures and themed days. Different types of transport would be investigated to reach these destinations.

After our whirlwind world tour, Reception would safely return to the UK for a final camping holiday on the school grounds.

Further detail of the topics covered by Reception class are issued weekly as homework.  Please discuss these topics with your children beforehand. If there is anyone who feels they have particular experience in any of these areas that you would like to share with the children, please contact the class teacher to discuss this.

EYFS Medium Term Plan – Space