About The School

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For many years Westcott CE School was considered one of the smallest infant schools in England.  In 2007, the school taught a total of 17 pupils, through the hard work of Mrs Hickey (previous Headteacher) and the continued expansion process has seen the school grow to 86 pupils.  Whilst we have expanded to become a through Primary school, we strive on the fact that we have not lost our small school feel.  The children are taught in mixed aged classes with two year groups being taught together.  We are proud to be able to offer the children the education they deserve in small classes with a maximum of 26 children.  The small class sizes allows us to develop a curriculum around the needs of every child.  Small in size we may be, but we are proud of our ‘big’ achievements. Westcott has been recognised by Ofsted and SIAMS as a good school, where pupils achieve exceptionally well.

Christian values are central to the ethos of the school’s teaching and learning.

Our achievements are outstanding, but perhaps more important is that the children develop into confident enthusiastic learners with a love of learning that we hope will go with them and sustain them through the rest of primary school and into adult life.

The school was originally built in 1870.  The Headteacher occupied the school house until 1973, but this now forms part of the offices.  There is a hall and a classroom in the main building.  In 2002, the school opened a separate classroom with the potential for this being used as a community room.  In 2009, the school extended the small Year 1/2 classroom to make this a more usable space.  In September 2014, we opened the new toilet block and classroom for the Year 5/6 children.  These replaced the old toilets and library.  We are planning to extend this further by building 1 more classroom to replace the temporary building we currently have on-site.  All of the building work has been designed to match closely as possible to the original building.