Christian Character


Westcott School is a Church of England Voluntary Aided School, affiliated to the Oxford Diocese. The Christian values of: forgiveness, friendship, perseverance, thankfulness and trust are central to the ethos of the school and its teaching and learning.

Westcott Church of England School is situated next door to the beautiful Victorian Church of St Mary the Virgin and we take the school children there regularly for Collective Worship, to worship on key Christian dates, and to do other performances to their families and the community.

The School sets out, to provide opportunities in collective worship which are centred around a weekly theme, to experience moments of stillness and quiet, to reflect and develop an awareness of God, and to become familiar with traditional forms of Christian prayer and worship, including key Christian festivals.  Once a week, assemblies are led at the school, or in St. Mary’s Church by our Reverend.  Every week the children from Years 5 and 6, also lead an assembly.

During our collective worship times, both as a whole school and within class, children will be told that Christians believe:

  • That all children have been made by a loving God who cares about them.
  • That there is a purpose to their life, a job for them to do in this world that no-one else can do.
  • That it is our job to help to make the world a better place (with God’s help, it’s not all our responsibility).
  • That the Bible contains a value structure and wisdom for living that brings blessing to our lives and to the lives of others, regardless of whether we have a personal faith or not.

This is taught in a setting where questions are encouraged and where other world views are accepted and celebrated.

Collective Worship

Monday         09.00 – 0920            The theme for the week is introduced in class based worship

Our School Services held in Church:

Tuesday         11.40 – 12.00            Worship through music – songs for the theme

Wednesday   11.40 – 12.00             Years 5 and 6 lead the worship

Thursday       09.10 – 09.30           Continuation of the theme by the Revd. Mary

Friday             11.40 – 12.00            A celebration assembly for presenting certificates and awards.

Parents, family members and members of the local community are welcomed and encouraged to attend the celebration assembly held on a Friday.