Local Links

All of these places, services and events are local to Westcott village. Many have supported the children in their learning by inviting them on school visits or through the use of their facilities.  Others have sponsored PFA events or contributed to PFA fundraising.

If you are a local not-for-for profit organisation and would like to appear on this page please email the school on office@westcott.bucks.co.uk

If you run a local business and are interested in the PFA’s sponsorship programme for the expansion of Westcott CE School please email the PFA at pfa@westcott.bucks.sch.uk

Westcott Village Fun Day

Westcott Sports and Social Club

Westcott Parish Council

Westcott Cricket Club

The Airfield Memorial at the Westcott Venture Park

Westcott Venture Park

Waddesdon Newsletter (serving Waddesdon, Westcott, Winchendon and Fleet Marston)

Ashendon Village

Waddesdon Children’s Centre

Waddesdon Police

24a Design

W Humphries Estate Agent

Haydon Hill Paving

Green Retreats

Waddesdon Manor

Storehouse at the Vineyard Aylesbury

XYZ Music Academy