Upcoming Events & Fundraising Ideas

The Westcott Parent & Friends Association organise many just-for-fun and fundraising events throughout the school year.  Please find below the upcoming events happening over the next few months, we hope you will come along, either to help or just to have fun with the children.

Here’s a list of 2020’s Fundraising Events for your diaries:

To be updated…please watch this space!!!

Westcott Celebration Tea Towels – Order Form

Please find below the order form for the amazing Celebration Tea Towels which the children have created.

If you are unable to print the order form, please contact the School Office who can provide you with a form or alternatively you can complete them electronically and send them to pfa@westcott.bucks.sch.uk

Westcott Celebration Tea Towels

Please come along and support your school!

If you would like to help organise any of these events or have sponsors that can donate prizes please contact pfa@westcott.bucks.sch.uk or talk to one of the PFA representatives in the playground.  Our forthcoming committee meeting dates are:

To be updated…

Please find and follow ‘Westcott PFA’ on Facebook for regular updates on PFA events and fundraising.